May 11, 2020

Fuji Oil Europe underlines its sustainability ambition with a new combined heat and power (CHP) installation

Fuji Oil Europe and Centrica Business Solutions have recently signed an agreement for the construction of a combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration installation with an electrical capacity of 1.56 MW.
This installation is also included in a pool of industrial installations that support the Belgian electricity grid.

This completely new CHP produces decentralized electricity, heat (in the form of hot water) and high-pressure steam. Where the output of the CHP in the industry is not always optimally usable, the customized solution in this case leads to an efficiency of no less than 90%.

This investment fits seamlessly with Fuji Oil's high sustainability ambitions

With the realization of this project, we expect savings of 17% on our primary energy consumption and a reduction of our CO2 emissions of 9%. Even with the expansion of our new chocolate line, up to 91% of our electricity consumption will be covered.
The CHP will connect to our existing heat recovery network, fill in the current shortage and make it possible to switch even more consumers in our factory from steam to hot water.
In the long term, if we make these extra investments, we aim for a 15% reduction in our CO2 emissions.

Decentralized energy solution reduces costs and increases income

The CHP will be able to supply most of our production site with electricity, which will result in significant cost savings. The engine cooling water system heat and residual heat from the exhaust gases are used to produce central heating water at around 93 °C. By using a steam generator, the exhaust gases with a temperature of approximately 450 °C can be used to produce more than 1 tonne of steam per hour with a pressure of 11 bar. Both central heating water and steam are used in the production process. The CHP will be installed from September this year and will be delivered ready for use in mid-December.

Arno van Mourik, General Director at Centrica Business Solutions Benelux, indicates that there is another special aspect of this CHP installation: “We are incorporating the CHP into a so-called virtual power plant that is controlled by Centrica's innovative software platform. Our technology intelligently pools CHPs, batteries and industrial machines together, ensuring that we balance the electricity grid in a financially attractive and environmentally friendly manner. In the event of an overload on the grid, the Fuji Oil installation will provide momentary downward regulation power in near real time to help rebalance the frequency on the grid. For the provision of this flexible capital, the company receives a fee from network operator Elia and thus creates additional income. The flexibility of demand flexibility is less damaging to the environment, since no extra CO2 is emitted.

High sustainability ambitions and return

The chosen energy solution perfectly matches the production process of Fuji Oil as well as the high sustainability ambitions. Tom Franssens, Project Manager Engineer & Energy Coordinator at Fuji Oil Europe: “As a global leader in innovative food products, we strive for high energy efficiency and energy use with minimal environmental impact. In Centrica Business Solutions we find the desired partner because they not only provide energy solutions on location, but have continuously advised us on the best possible solution. We really looked at how we could achieve an optimal return and how the installation fits best with our own production process. We also find it very pleasant that we can support the Belgian electricity grid when needed, because we want to propagate that sustainability is something that you can only achieve together. ”