Fuji Oil Group

Founded in Osaka in 1950, Fuji Oil evolved from a producer specialized in tropical oils and fats into a worldwide leading supplier of plant-based food solutions.

Main businesses

The Fuji Oil Group delivers all sorts of delicious and healthy foods to all of its customers through its business in four fields: vegetable oils and fats, industrial chocolate, emulsified and fermented ingredients, and soy-based ingredients.

Vegetable oils & fats

Fuji Oil develops and manufactures a wide range of oil and fat products, including function-enhancing oils and fats for chocolate, and oils and fats that improve flavour and texture.

Industrial chocolate

Tasteful chocolate combined with functionality depending on the application, such as pastries and ice cream. 

Emulsified & fermented ingredients

Using advanced emulsification and fermentation technology, we have developed a line of easy-processing products with stable functions and taste.

Soy-based ingredients

We draw out the possibilities of soybeans in aspects of nutrition, health, flavour and functionality, and apply them in the development of soy ingredients and soy products.

The Fuji Oil Group has production sites on all continents, with each group company developing, producing and selling food products locally, in response to the regional needs and demands of its customers. The Fuji Oil Group has established a supply chain management system in which the research & development, procurement and manufacturing of products is conducted in an integrated manner.

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