Palm (kernel) Oil

The demand for edible oils and fats grows along with the increase in global population. Therefore, the challenge is to meet present and future demand in a sustainable way. We have been actively working towards a sustainable food future and are fully committed to the sustainable procurement of palm oil.

Want to find out more about Fuji Oil's commitments and sustainability goals? Take a look at our Palm Oil Progress report.

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Position of Fuji Oil in the palm oil supply chain

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RSPO membership and use of certified palm (kernel) oil

Fuji Oil has been a member of RSPO since it was founded in 2004.
The demand for RSPO-certified palm oil is increasing, mainly in Europe and the United States. In addition to actively promoting the use of RSPO-certified palm oil to our customers, we are implementing various measures such as the installation of additional tanks and supply chain improvements.

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In response to the increasing demand for high quality, traceable and sustainable palm oil in the global market, UniFuji Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2017. UniFuji is a 50/50 joint venture between United Plantations (UP) and Fuji Oil Ltd. On a well-managed plantation of 18.000 ha in Malaysia owned by UP, Unifuji has built a new refinery and fractionation plant that produces high quality, fully traceable and sustainable palm oil fractions. 

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