Welcome to Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center Europe

Innovation and challenge are core values of the Fuji Oil Group and these values guide us in our mission to work together with our stakeholders to co-create a sustainable future for food based on plant-based ingredients. The Global Innovation Center Europe  acts as a hub catalysing collaboration and innovation across the Group.   

As a leader in plant-based solutions, we recognize the vital role of collaboration and knowledge exchange in speeding up innovation and creating solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partners. Our Global Innovation Center Europe acts as a hub bringing together researchers from across the world to work together on projects, either in person or in virtual teams. By utilizing our internal and external networks and external partnering, we ensure access to extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies that drive our innovation agenda. 

Located at Food Valley

Our mission is to provide new or improved technologies that contribute to  the functionality, effectiveness  and sustainability of our products and processes. We are future-focused on innovations that contribute to clean, green, delicious, and healthy plant-based food solutions and technologies that exceed current standards. Located on the  Wageningen Campus in the heart of the Dutch Food Valley, the Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center Europe is perfectly situated within a vibrant ecosystem of food innovators.  


Our partnerships range from participation in public-private research consortia through to   close collaborations with start-ups with novel food technologies. We also are active supporters of entrepreneurial initiatives such as the Wageningen Student Challenges where student researchers develop ideas and business proposals to solve social problems or promote the transition to plant protein. 

Through proactive engagement with our and global colleagues and our external partners, we remain at the forefront of advances in science and innovation. 

Want to make an impact on the world of food with us? We are open to the  exchange of ideas and expertise with potential partners from the world of academia and industry.

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We look forward to helping you and sharing our knowledge with you.

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