A global R&D network

One of the Fuji Oil Group’s core values is “challenge and innovation” and this is demonstrated across the Group at our various R&D centers.

With sustainability and globalization as two axis, we are expanding our R&D network across the world. Our R&D departments constantly monitor market trends, in cooperation with sales, in order to develop the next generation of delicious and nutritionally balanced products.

Innovation, our vision

We focus our innovation capabilities on developing the full potential of food ingredients, utilizing our core capabilities in oils & fats and plant protein, to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

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Innovation in product development

Each region has its own food culture and preferences, regulations and policies that impact on food choice. Our R&D teams are specialists in responding to the needs of confectionery, bakery and plant-based food manufacturers requiring specialist fat solutions.

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Animal Welfare Policy

Fuji Oil Group will not fund, conduct or commission animal testing for food business unless we cannot avoid complying with laws or regulatory requirements when there are no alternative testing methods available.
(Declared in August 2019)

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