Our history

Since its existence, the Fuji Oil Group hasn't stopped growing and neither has the European branch of the Group.

Since the start of activities in Europe in 1992, 4 companies were founded:

  • Fuji Oil Europe in Ghent, Belgium: production of oils & fats and chocolate fillings & coatings

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  • Fuji Oil Ghana in Techiman, Ghana: production of shea olein and stearin, mostly for FOE

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  • Fuji Europe Africa in Amsterdam, The Netherlands: European HQ and innovation hub

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  • Fuji Brandenburg in Brandenburg, Germany: production of soluble pea fibres

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Foundation of Fuji Oil Japan (1950)

Started in 1950, our parent company developed from a producer specialized in tropical oils and fats into a worldwide leading supplier of specialty oils & fats.

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Foundation of Vamo-Fuji (1992)

The Group's first activities in Europe started when Vamo-Fuji Specialities was founded, a joint-venture between Vandemoortele and Fuji Oil.


Vamo-Fuji Specialities becomes Fuji Oil Europe (2001)

The Fuji Oil Group acquires the full ownership of the Belgian plant, Fuji Oil Europe was founded.

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Cocoa fillings & compounds, a new business activity (2006)

The European chocolate division starts up, powered by the Fuji Oil Group and logically integrated in the production site of Fuji Oil Europe in the seaport of Gent. Our Chocolate Fillings & Coatings department embodies a direct connection from the refinery into the chocolate plant.

Full ownership of IOF Ghana (2016)

From a 50% share to full ownership of International Oils & Fats LTD. in Ghana, the first business foothold in Africa for shea fractionation.
Managed by the Belgian Fuji Oil site, IOF now becomes Fuji Oil Ghana.

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Foundation of the European holding company Fuji Europe Africa (2018)

Fuji Europe Africa established as the headquarters for the business in Europe and Africa with the aim of optimizing group synergies, business expansion and accelerating innovation. 

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Foundation of Fuji Brandenburg (2019)

Located in Brandenburg, Germany, this new addition to the Fuji Oil Group focusses on the production of a dietary fiber ingredient from pea.

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