Our history

Since our existence , the Fuji Oil Group, including Fuji Oil Europe hasn't stopped growing and keeps investing in the future...

Foundation of Fuji Oil Japan (1950)

Started in 1950, our parent company developed from a producer specialized in tropical oils and fats into a worldwide leading supplier of specialty oils & fats.


Start-up of Hannan operations complex (1969)

The Hannan plant became operational in 1969.

First overseas production plant: Asia-Singapore (1984)

Fuji Oil Singapore is founded in 1984, the first overseas production plant for Fuji Oil.


Second overseas production plant USA-Savannah (1987)

Located in Savannah, United States, Fuji Vegetable Oil was the second overseas production plant that was founded in 1987.

Foundation of Vamo-Fuji (1992)

Vamo-Fuji Specialities was founded, a joint-venture between Vandemoortele and Fuji Oil, marking the group's first European business activity.


Foundation of the R&D institute (1995)

Since then we were able to focus on the development of specialty oils & fats together with our customers.

Vamo-Fuji Specialities becomes Fuji Oil Europe  (2001)

The Fuji Oil Group acquires the full ownership of the Belgian plant, Fuji Oil Europe was founded.

Ship unloading jetty (2002)

The installation of our own ship unloading jetty, located at the Canal Gent-Terneuzen became a fact!

SAP (2002)

The implementation of SAP, a fully integrated IT system. A big change in our ERP  (Enterprise Resource planning) system.

Cocoa fillings & compounds, a new business activity  (2006)

Flanders Fillings & Compounds started up, powered by the Fuji Oil Group and logically integrated in the production site of Fuji Oil Europe in the seaport of Gent. Flanders Fillings & Compounds embodies a direct connection from the refinery into the chocolate plant.

FIE award for Redusat (2009)

At FIE Frankfurt, Fuji Oil Europe receives the Food Ingredients Excellence Award for Redusat, the Confectionery Innovation of the Year.

A new fully-automated warehouse (2015)

Fuji Oil Europe installs a new packaging line and a fully automated warehouse.

Full ownership of IOF Ghana (2016)

Fuji Oil Europe acquires the full ownership of International Oils & Fats LTD. in Ghana, the first business foothold in Africa for shea fractionation.

Until 2013 Fuji Oil Europe had a 50 % share.

25 years of Fuji Oil Europe (2017)

Time to celebrate our 25 years existence together with our customers, suppliers, employees & their families.

Foundation  of the European holding company Fuji Europe Africa B.V. (2018)

Fuji Europe Africa B.V. has been established as the headquarters for the business in Europe and Africa with the aim of optimizing group synergies and business expansion. Find out more about this European Holding on the Fuji Europe Africa website