Cocoa fillings & spreads

Discover our exquisite fillings & spreads: multiple possibilities, all addressing lifestyle trends, indulgence and sustainability needs.
For pralines, viennoiserie, filled tablets, filled cookies and much more. Delicious and easy for a quick breakfast or snack, spreads can be used on bread, bagels, crackers and croissants or as a chocolate dip!


  • Rich cocoa and/or milky taste 

  • Excellent melting profile 

  • Anti-bloom

  • Creamy, aerated, and cool melting variations 

  • Easy processing, no tempering required


  • Versatile non-lauric fat option 

  • Diverse melting profiles and textures 

  • Long-lasting stable texture 

  • Prevents unwanted recrystallization


  • With hazelnuts or almonds

  • Both cocoa butter and other vegetable fats base possible

  • Anti-bloom 

  • Nut flavor enhancement available

Available in

  • Dark
  • Milk
  • White