Spread fats

Discover the perfect spread fat for your needs.
Whether you require hard stock fats for blending or softer fats, we'll help you find the perfect solution, taking into account your preferences and production equipment. 


  • Hardstock for chocolate spreads

  • Improved stability during storage

  • Good consistency

  • Good melting behaviour

Ertifil Max

  • Non-lauric fat
  • Versatile options 

  • Soft to hard textures 

  • Wide application compatibility 

  • Bake-stable


Ertimix NP

  • Non-palm alternative  

  • Suitable for wide range of spreads

  • Mixes well with other oils & fats

  • Fast crystalizing and highly stable 


  • Shea-based fat

  • Suitable for wide range of spreads