Oct 27, 2023

The Fuji Oil Group releases “Sustainability Report 2023”

The Fuji Oil Group released today the “Sustainability Report 2023”, prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards.
The group also announced the publication of the “ESG data book” and the “GRI content index”.

The Sustainability Report 2023 complements the ESG information included in the Integrated Report 2023, published on 29th September. The aim is to report to a broad range of stakeholders on our approach and initiatives to address the Group’s impact on sustainability, in a comprehensive and honest manner.

Mr. Mikio Sakai, President and CEO of Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.
"In April 2023, the vision of the Fuji Oil Group Philosophy was set as "Together with our stakeholders, we will co-create a sustainable future for food, based on plant-based, ingredients that are both delicious and healthy”. We will continue practicing sustainability management with all our employees and together with our diverse stakeholders and taking on challenges to create a world where everyone can taste the deeper joys of food."

Mr. Takashi Kadota, ESG Representative of Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.
"The mission of the Fuji Oil Group is to develop the potential of food ingredients and continue contributing to happiness and well-being. Enhancing sustainability as an engine for growth, we are committed to find solutions to the challenge of sustainable food, and to find new ways to create value, together with our stakeholders around the world."

Highlights of the sustainability report 2023

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Creation of sustainable food resources
We started our research on soybeans in 1957 and began selling textured soy protein in 1969. We develop flavor technologies using only plant-based ingredients through a combination of oil and fats, and proteins, with emulsified and fermented ingredients. In July 2022, we launched our flagship GOODNOON initiative to fulfil the vision stated in our Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy. The report presents the development of new ingredients and technologies, as well as the R&D for the next-generation of plant-based protein ingredients and expansion of the PBF (Plant-Based Food) market in Japan.

Sustainable procurement
We have a Responsible Sourcing Policy for our key raw materials-palm oil, cocoa, soybeans, and shea kernels. Linked to this, we promote sustainable procurement activities for raw materials, taking into consideration the natural environment of agricultural land, labor environment, human rights, etc. We have set medium- and long-term targets and KPIs for sustainable procurement for each of the four raw materials. The report presents our efforts to achieve the KPIs.