Aug 23, 2023

New Managing Director appointed at Fuji Europe Africa

The Fuji Oil Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Liz Kamei as managing director at Fuji Europe Africa B.V., located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The new appointment coincides with Fuji Europe Africa’s re-positioning as functional hub for the Group’s innovation and sustainability activities. Dr. Kamei explains, “We are aligned with the Group’s Vision of Management Philosophy to co-create with our stakeholders a sustainable future for food based on plant-based ingredients. As our Global Innovation Center Europe and Sustainable Development Team are part of the Dutch entity, we believe we are well placed to contribute current and future value to the entire Group by building on our foundations of innovation and sustainability and our collaborations with internal and external partners.”

Dr. Kamei has more than 25 years’ experience in R&D and business roles in the food industry and has  significant international experience, particularly within the Japanese food industry. She joined Fuji Oil Holdings in April 2018, transferring to Fuji Europe Africa B.V. later that year. Dr. Kamei has headed the Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center Europe since its establishment on the Wageningen Campus in 2020.


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