Oct 06, 2020

Fuji Oil Ghana sponsors the building of the new Hansua Market Complex: the NANA BEMA Market

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Fuji Oil Ghana co-sponsored the market project of Hansua.
The NENA BEMA MARKET officially opened for business on 15/09/2020.

Fuji Oil Ghana Ltd is located in Techiman, the Bono East Region of Ghana -West Africa. The plant is specifically located in a small community close to Techiman called Hansua, where most of the employees reside.
For Fuji Oil  it is essential to safeguard the wellbeing of the communities close to our business activities and to enhance their growth.
We firmly believe that the success of our activity is also linked to the success of the surrounding communities.  

Until shortly, the Hansua community had no marketplace. Traders of the Hansua community were selling their merchandise under sheds, trees, umbrellas and had their wares displayed on small tables or even on the ground.
With the assistance of other local companies and authorities, we helped to make this market dream come true:

  • Economic growth for the local community is assured.
  • Better and safer trading opportunities for local small businesses, including our soap manufacturing customers, are created.
  • Convenient access to a wide variety of primary goods for the Hansua residents is provided.
  • Need for additional jobs for cleaners, security staff and other linked activities will come.
  • Income generated from this market place allows the community to invest in schooling, health services, playgrounds.
  • A village with a proper market place and social infrastructure easily attracts new families and further growth.

Fuji Oil Ghana is proud to be part of the development of the Hansua community.