Jul 14, 2023

From Field to Factory: Fuji Oil forges new partnerships to take sustainable and traceable shea procurement to the next level

Fuji Oil's sustainability program, 'Tebma Kandu,' has been bustling with activity the past few months. The key highlights:

  • 17 new cooperatives joined, bringing the total to 52.
  • 4 new warehouses were inaugurated.
  • The new reforestation season was launched in collaboration with Ecorestore.
  • Valuable collaborations were formed.

Ronny Voorspools, MD of Fuji Oil Ghana, personally visited the new cooperatives, accompanied by his family. This gesture was highly appreciated by the local partners as they engaged in conversations about the program's benefits for both sides.

Fuji Oil also signed agreements with several new partners to collect shea nuts for Fuji Oil through their existing networks.
One of these new partners is the Japanese company Degas, which finances local farmers and implements regenerative agriculture through their Ghanaian branch.

          Degas uses innovative technology like mobile apps and optical satellites to collect and manage data for farming.
          With their AI-based operations, Degas generates credit scores for smallholder farmers, ensuring better recovery rates and
          improving their quality of life. In addition, Degas makes their harvest traceable using QR codes.

         The partnership with Fuji Oil will leverage Degas' expertise to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of shea kernel procurement.

Fuji Oil Ghana sought a partnership with Degas to address the challenge of volume. The aim is to increase direct procurement from Tebma-Kandu cooperatives and support women farmers. Degas will utilize their network of field officers and farmers to procure more shea kernels and introduce a traceability system using unique QR codes for each bag, ensuring transparency in origin and quality. Fuji Oil Ghana will provide technical guidance on aggregation and quality control. The goal for 2023 is to aggregate 1,400 tons of shea kernels.

Doga Makiura, CEO of Degas, expressed enthusiasm for partnering with Fuji Oil to benefit smallholder farmers, combining operational excellence and technology.

These recent developments demonstrate Fuji Oil's commitment to sustainability and its dedication to strengthening shea sourcing communities. The partnership between Degas and Fuji Oil Ghana marks a significant step in their long-term development, working together to make a greater impact on shea procurement and improve the livelihoods of women farmers.

The Fuji Oil Group eagerly anticipates future collaborations and partnerships as they strive to create a more sustainable and equitable future for the shea industry.