Milk fat replacers

This product range makes it possible to replaces milk fat in various dairy applications such as spreads, ice cream, yoghurts and infant formula.
Replacing milk fats with plant-based fats has benefits in terms of health, price and/or nutritional value. 


  • Dairy fat replacer

  • Texture and melting behaviour similar to milk fat

  • More cost-effective than milk fat

  • Lower cholesterol and SAFA


  • High-quality milk fat replacer
    for ice cream

  • Improved nutritional value 

  • Creamier ice cream texture 

  • Delayed melting properties 

  • Lower SAFA

  • Also available: Ertimix Non-Palm



  • Lauric general purpose fat

  • High stability

  • Fast crystallization

  • Good gloss


  • Infant formula fats 

  • High quality fat blends 

  • Meets strict quality requirements 

  • Custom-designed for each customer