Filling fats

Fillings come in a tremendous variety of forms, tastes, structures and flavours.
We developed several ranges of filling fats that fulfil the most difficult requirements.


  • Quick melting
  • Fresh mouthfeel 
  • Fully compatible with cocoa
  • Low SAFA, surprisingly solid


  • Fresh melting filling fat

  • Ideal for filled tablets, pralines and confectionery centres 

  • Quick melting

  • Compatible with cocoa butter

Ertifil Max

  • Non-lauric filling fat

  • Soft to hard types 

  • Suitable for a wide range
    of applications

Ertifil AB

  • Anti-bloom filling fat 

  • Suitable for nut-heavy recipes 

  • Fast crystallization, high stability

  • Perfect for long shelf life products

Ertimix NP

  • Non-palm filling fat  

  • Mixes well with other oils & fats

  • Fast crystalizing and highly stable