Coating fats

Our coating fats will help you to create excellent quality products with an attractive price. 
Add specific characteristics in terms of nutritional profile, processing technology, hardness, gloss, snap or flexibility and bloom resistance.


  • Cocoa butter equivalents (CBE)
  • Mimics physical and chemical properties of cocoa butter 

  • Fully compatible with cocoa products   

  • Non-hydrogenated

  • Also available: 100% shea-based variant with lower SAFA (Palmy SB)


  • Lauric cocoa butter substitute (CBS)

  • Melting behaviour similar to cocoa butter 

  • Good heat resistance

  • Fresh melting properties

  • Recommended for high-grade compounds


  • Lauric confectionery fat

  • Can replace hardened
    coconut oil

  • Cost-effective

  • General purpose coating fat


  • New generation of lauric CBR without trans fatty acids
  • Perfect for flexible, anti-cracking coating

  • Fast crystallizing  

  • Long-lasting gloss 

  • Also available: non-hydrogenated and palm-free variants



  • Cocoa butter alternative 

  • Low SAFA

  • Hard texture 

  • Reduced SAFA without compromising on texture and taste!