Meat and cheese alternatives

Fuji Oil is creating new plant-based food solutions together with clients and external partners by combining the Group’s extensive knowledge of plant proteins and specialty oils & fats to meet customer needs. 

Plant-based meat

Fuji Oil has worked with soy protein for more than 50 years and has an extensive portfolio of solutions for
the development and production of meat alternatives.

Our soy protein portfolio ranges from binding agents that can replace egg protein through to textured soy protein with excellent textural characteristics. Combining our specialty oils & fats expertise with our protein know-how enables us to incorporate juiciness and the rich mouthfeel associated with real meat into our portfolio of solutions.

We use our global networks to work with leading R&D partners and creative start-ups to ensure we are at the cutting edge of ingredient and process technology, ready for the next generation of meat alternatives.

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Plant-based dairy

The Fuji Oil Group is a world leader in the development of new technologies and applications for the creation of tasty and healthy soy-based alternatives. We have a long history of developing hybrid dairy solutions and 100% dairy alternatives suitable for the dairy-free vegan market.

We use a unique separation process called Ultra Soy Separation to produce low fat soy milk and soy cream and have expanded our range of soy-based solutions that maintains the natural taste, but removes the beany flavour often associated with traditional soy-based products.

Here in Europe, Fuji Oil is working with external partners to further expand our range of plant-based cheese solutions. In addition to our soy protein, we are creating a toolbox of soy ingredients that bring additional functionality to cheese-alternative processing. Our core business of oils & fats also offers toolbox solutions that contribute to a range of uniquely European plant-based cheeses.

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Transferring our experience in Japan to the European market

The Fuji Oil Group has developed a range of cream and semi-hard plant-based cheeses with mild flavors and excellent mouthfeel that suit the needs of the Japanese market. They can be used as ingredients for confectionery and bakery products, and in a variety of food service applications such as pizza toppings and rich creamy sauces. They have been so well received that they are now a regular part of our range.

Our cheese alternatives have also been introduced to the global market as Soy Delice and have been well received by both food service and product developers.

Fuji Oil is in the process of transferring this experience to Europe, through developing a sustainable value chain in Europe and developing plant-based cheese solutions that meet the taste preferences of European consumers. At the same time, we will co-create with our customers to develop solutions that combine our experience with soy and the Japanese plant-based cheese business and our client's knowledge of European consumer needs.