Ice cream

Ice cream is an indulgence that no one can resist. The creamy sweet dessert melts in your mouth, and instantly makes you happy. Fuji Oil Europe offers a range of products for the production of healthy and tasty ice cream.

Ice cream fats (Ertimix)

ERTIMIX products are high quality fats that replace milk fat in ice cream. The ERTIMIX fats help to create a product with improved nutritional value, achieve creamier textures and delayed melting. 
Special ERTIMIX types have been developed to reduce the saturated fatty acid content in ice cream.

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Ice cream coatings

The combination of ice cream and coating creates a very pleasant mouthfeel coming from the contrast in the physical and sensory properties of the two components. Ice cream is soft, creamy and cooling to eat. Coating is firm, often brittle, smooth and warm in the mouth. Many manufacturers face difficulties in assembling products with complicated structures. We help our customers to find the best coating for their ice cream.

Ice cream coating fats (Ertilor, Ertifresh, Palmy)

For customers, who produce their own ice cream coating, we can propose the correct fat from our ERTIFRESH, ERTILOR or PALMY product ranges.

Ice cream coatings

Ice cream coatings (DORADO)

Whether you need a coating for dipping ice cream , spraying the wafer as a moisture-barrier coating or use the coating to enrobe your ice pralines, Fuji Oil Europe is your preferred supplier of these vegetable fat based cocoa coatings. Our products have the right functionality and viscosity to maintain elasticity and to avoid the occurrence of cracks and fractures.

Chocolate with 5% vegetable fat (BELGICA TRADITION)

Ask for our low viscosity chocolate, containing 5% coconut or CBE vegetable fats. For ice cream applications the rheological and crystallization parameters are very important. If you are interested in traditional (milk) chocolates and couvertures as defined by the chocolate directive 2000/36/EC, we can offer you these premium made-in- Belgium chocolates.

CBE compound (BELGICA)

Our flexible Cocoa Butter Equivalent compounds are widely used as ice cream inclusions. They can be processed on the same production line as chocolate, as they are fully compatible.

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