Biscuits, pastry and snacks

Biscuits, pastry and snacks are important categories within the food industry. Snacking has become a very popular habit in all age groups. Fuji Oil Europe offers a wide range of products, to create your delicacies.


Our coating fats will not only help you to create excellent quality products with an attractive price, but also give your products specific characteristics in terms of nutritional profile, processing technology, hardness, gloss, snap or flexibility and bloom resistance.

Coating fats

Cocoa Butter Equivalents - CBE (PALMY)

The cocoa butter equivalents from our PALMY range are based on non-hydrogenated vegetable fats and mimic both the physical and the chemical properties of cocoa butter. The PALMY CBE’s are fully compatible with cocoa products and can technically replace the cocoa butter in any percentage in the recipe. Even the full replacement of cocoa butter is possible.

Cocoa Butter Subsitutes – L CBS (PALKENA & ERTILOR)

Lauric cocoa butter substitutes show a melting behaviour which is very similar to cocoa butter: good hardness at room temperature, good gloss, good snap and a quick and complete melt in the mouth. Lauric cocoa butter substitutes from the PALKENA range are recommended for high-grade compounds. For compounds with the best price-quality ratio, lauric cocoa butter substitutes from the ERTILOR range will be the best choice. 

Cocoa Butter Replacers – CBR (MELANO & MELANOCOAT)

Coatings made with the non-lauric cocoa butter replacers from the MELANO range offer easy processing (no tempering required), a good gloss and long shelf life which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. The main applications of MELANO are as coatings for biscuits, wafers, nuts and candy centers.
MELANOCOAT is a new generation of lauric cocoa butter replacers without trans fatty acids.

Low SAFA Cocoa Butter Alternatives (REDUSAT)

The reduction of saturated fatty acids (SAFA) is an important trend in the food industry.  Our REDUSAT -range is a unique family of coating and filling fats that combines a hard texture with a low level of saturated fatty acids. REDUSAT: Surprisingly solid!


CBE compound coating (BELGICA)

Our Cocoa Butter Equivalent compound coatings are created with a combination of CBE fats (tempering required) and cocoa powder/mass, and have a premium taste. They have an excellent snap and gloss and are fully compatible with chocolate. Consider using our CBE compound coatings for your products because we deliver cost-efficient, superior quality and tailor-made products.

Wafer & biscuit coatings (DORADO)

Our wafer and biscuit coatings are mainly based on non-hydrogenated lauric vegetable fats and  good quality cocoa powders. Our coatings have an excellent hardness and snap. The products are easy to process (no tempering required) and we can adjust the rheological specifications to the requirements of our customers.

Flexible coatings: donut, eclair (DORADO, MESO)

If you’re looking for a flexible coating with a good plasticity and adhesion we are your preferred partner. Our cocoa-based coatings are easy to use (non- temper), crystallize easily and are therefore pleasant to work with. The color, taste and melting behavior of our coatings can be adjusted to your preferences.

Toppings for chilled products (MESO,DORADO)

If you’re searching for an easy to use topping or coating for your chilled product we can present products which have an excellent hardness and snap with a good melting profile. Together we can select or create a product made with a CBS or CBR vegetable fat.

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Fillings come in a tremendous variety of forms, tastes, structures and flavours for applications such as bars, bite-size sweets, cookies, wafers, pastries, biscuits, truffles, pralines, toffees, caramels and fudges. Fuji Oil Europe has developed several series of filling fats and ready to use fillings that can fulfil the most difficult requirements.

Filling fats

Because of the wide range of applications, desired characteristics and production technologies, the requirements for the fats are very diverse. In our filling and cream fats we have 4 main ranges ERTIFIL, ERTIFRESH, REDUSAT and ERTIMIX NP.

The ERTIFRESH range is especially recommended for use in fillings for filled tablets, for pralines and in confectionery centres, where a quick melting behaviour and a fresh mouthfeel are desired. The recipe may contain cocoa butter and/or cocoa mass as ERTIFRESH fats are fully compatible with cocoa butter.

ERTIFIL AB filling fats are highly recommended for use in fillings, where bloom caused by liquid oil migration is a real problem. ERTIFIL AB fats will help to avoid fat bloom issues even for recipes with a very high percentage of nuts. ERTIFIL AB fats are also recommended as an alternative for hydrogenated oils,  where a good crystallization speed and stability is needed.

ERTIFIL MAX is a range of non-hydrogenated, non-lauric filling fats. We offer a wide choice: from very soft creamy types, over semi-hard to hard ERTIFIL MAX fats, which makes these products suitable for a wide range of applications.

REDUSAT. Saturated fats have been the subject of discussion for a long time. It is a very difficult challenge to make a product that is low in saturated fats but still hard and solid. Therefore Fuji Oil Europe has developed the unique REDUSAT-range which reduces the saturated fatty acid content by more than half while keeping the desired physical properties. REDUSAT: Surprisingly solid !

The ERTIMIX Non Palm range is recommended as an alternative for palm and/or palm kernel based products. ERTIMIX NP fats can be used in combination with other fats or liquid oils for the production of spreads, creams, fillings, dough, caramels and toffees.

Bake stable & injectable fillings

With hazelnut / almond (KIRINA)

Our bake stable fillings with hazelnuts and/or almonds are pumpable/injectable at ambient temperature and perform very well during rising, freezing, thawing  and baking. These products contain a varying nut percentage and are especially designed for the industrial bakery-biscuit industry. It is possible to order ready-to-use pre-texturized and pumpable filling, packed in buckets or drums.

Without nuts (DORADO/MESO)

Our  dark and milk cocoa/chocolate  fillings are based on lauric or non-lauric fats. These fillings are easily pumpable/ injectable, have good melting properties and remain smooth after the baking process. Our products are used in the bakery and biscuit industry as fillings in croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche, pancakes, muffins, biscuits, pastries ,… It is possible to order ready-to-use pre-texturized and pumpable fillings, packed in buckets or drums.

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Dough fats

The BISCO PA and ERTIPAL ranges are especially developed for dough applications. We offer non-hydrogenated fats with optimized crystallization speed. 

Biscuits coated with chocolate often show chocolate bloom. This is caused by fat migration from the biscuit to the chocolate.
For this type application, ERTIFIL AB with its excellent anti-bloom properties is recommended. 

With our BISCO N range, we offer dough fats with nutritional benefits such as reduced saturated fatty acid levels.

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Cream fats

BISCO CR fats are ideal for applications in which the fat must act as a binding agent between the filling and the wafer or biscuit. The BISCO CR range was developed to have an improved crystallization speed compared to classical filling fats. 

Within the BISCO range, some products are designed specifically for their nutritional benefits, having a reduced amount of saturated fatty acids. Our REDUSAT range is also recommended for a drastic drop in the level of saturated fatty acids in biscuit and wafer creams. 

ERTIFIL AB filling fats are suitable for wafer creams, when it’s necessary to reduce migration bloom.

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