Sep 30, 2020

Fuji Oil Europe has won the "Fuji Oil Group CEO Award 2020"!

This has been awarded to us because of our performance, price strategy and good results in terms of safety, quality and sustainability.
The fact that we achieved a better result in the two previous years than the predetermined goals was decisive.
Mr. Shimizu, President and CEO of Fuji Oil Holdings, has personally recommended FOE as the winner of the CEO award.

This award is a recognition of the combined efforts of all FOE employees.
In addition, it is a recognition of the efforts made to realize FUJI's ESG vision, including by equipping FOE with solar panels as the first company in the group.

A cash prize of € 12,000 is linked to this award.
This budget will be used to give the refectory a make-over, thus turning it into a modern and cozy meeting place.

A big compliment to all employees who made this possible !!