Shea butter & stearin

Sustainable production of shea butter & stearin

Since 2013, Fuji Oil has been vertically integrated into the shea business by the acquisition of International Oils & Fats (IOF) in Ghana. Fuji Oil Ghana is specialized in the fractionation of shea butter.

Fuji Oil Europe provides sustainable cocoa butter equivalents (CBE), based on sustainable shea stearin and palm oil fractions.

We focus on creating maximum value in Africa by local purchasing, crushing and fractionation, as well as maximum traceability & minimum carbon footprint. This approach is outlined in our Shea Value Chain. Click to discover more about our Shea Value Chain.

Membership in the Global Shea Alliance

Fuji Oil is a member of the Global Shea Alliance.

The GSA is a non-profit industry association with more than 500 members from more than 35 countries that include women’s groups, brands and retailers, suppliers, and NGOs. Through public-private partnerships, the GSA promotes industry sustainability, quality practices and standards, and promotes the demand for shea in food and cosmetics.

The GSA’s sustainability program is focusing on 4 pillars: women’s empowerment, development of local communities, decent working conditions and protection of ecosystems.