Research and Development

Our R&D department constantly monitors market trends in cooperation with sales  in order to develop the next generation of delicious and nutritionally-balanced products. We collaborate with the Fuji Oil Group R&D centres worldwide to ensure continuous technical innovations.

Mission of R&D

The mission of our R&D department is to develop creative and innovative solutions for our oils and fats division and also for our chocolate, compounds and fillings division. 

Therefore we work also very closely with our customers to understand and fulfil their needs, leading to personalized and unique products.

We develop ingredients to produce delicious food with a special focus on nutritional balance.

Our R&D organization


Our development managers combine a deep expertise of oils and fats with a deep cocoa knowledge.

In our well-equipped application and analytical labs we design unique oils and fats blends, chocolate, fillings and compounds.

Moreover, being part of the Fuji Oil Group's global  R&D network, we have access to new products created within other parts of the Group. If desired our development managers adapt these products to meet the needs of our European customers or EU regulations.

For basic research, we work closely with the basic research teams at our Fuji Science and Innovation Centre located in Japan.


In our R&D department, our processes can be further optimized for refining and the modification of oils and fats as well as optimizing chocolate and fillings production.

Next  to productivity, special attention is given to quality and safety and this is always carried out  in close cooperation with our production, quality and engineering departments.


Our application managers are committed to providing in-depth technical support to our customers.

They work closely with our sales and development managers to find the best solution for our customers' technical requirements.

We always welcome customers to do trials together in our application lab.

Animal Welfare Policy

Fuji Oil Group will not fund, conduct or commission animal testing for food business unless we cannot avoid complying with laws or regulatory requirements when there are no alternative testing methods available.
(Declared in August 2019)

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