Our raw materials

To work with raw materials that originate from sustainable sources is our prime concern. Fuji Oil Europe aims for a full traceability of the raw materials and maximum guarantees on sustainability.

Palm & palm kernel oil: 

  • various fractions and blends
  • RSPO member

Shea butter & stearin:

  • our own shea fractionation facility in Ghana
  • maximum added value in Africa

Seed oils:

  • Rapeseed oil, (high oleic) sunflower oil, soybean oil ...


  • Fairtrade, UTZ, organic


  • High-protein & lactose-free milk recipes available
  • Vegan: based on dairy alternatives


  • Various (organic)¬†hazelnuts and almond pastes


  • Beetroot sugar or organic cane sugar
  • Various sweeteners: stevia, maltitol, erythritol ...

Fuji Oil Europe is exclusively using raw materials from vegetable origin. Working with raw materials of consistent quality and stability is of the utmost importance to create delicious food ingredients.

With the finest selection of raw materials we offer you specialty oils & fats and cocoa fillings & compounds.

Vegetable oils & fats are crucial components for cocoa fillings & compounds. Our chocolate factory can choose from a wide range of in-house made vegetable oils & fats. Those vegetable oils & fats are used to create our delicious cocoa fillings & compounds.