Option 2 of Clone of Chocolate and confectionery

Looking for a cocoa butter replacement? While remaining excellent melting properties, gloss, and bloom resistance? Are you looking for?


  • A reduction of saturated fatty acids (SAFA) in your coating or filling fats? ​
  • An equivalent to cocoa butter for your chocolate products?  ​

  • A cocoa alternative coating or compound with good gloss and shelf life for your biscuits, wafers, nuts and candy centers? ​

  • A cocoa butter substitute with good melting properties? ​

  • A coating with good plasticity for your donuts or éclair’s?  ​

  • A perfect filling for your praline with excellent mouthfeel and melting behaviour? ​ 


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  • A filling fat for recipies with high percentage of nuts? ​

  • An alternative filling for palm oil in your spreads, creams or toffees? ​