Fuji Oil Group

Founded in 1950, Fuji Oil evolved from a producer specialized in tropical oils and fats into a worldwide leading supplier of plant-based food solutions. The Fuji Oil Group, with headquarters in Osaka Japan, focuses on three business areas: vegetable oils and fats, confectionery and bakery ingredients, and soy.

Vegetable oils & fats:

Focusing on specialty oils and fats such as:
- chocolate fats
- confectionery fat
- nutritional fats
- dairy fat replacers
- …

Confectionery and bakery ingredients:

Covering various functions and tastes such as:
- cocoa fillings and compounds
- chocolate
- whipping cream
- margarines
- frozen dough
- …


Ranging from soy protein ingredients to soy protein processed foods such as:
- soy peptides
- polysaccharides
- soy protein isolates
- soy milk
- …

The Fuji Oil Group has production sites in Asia, America, Europe and Africa.
Each group company is developing, producing and selling food products locally, in response to the regional needs and demands of its customers.
The Fuji Oil Group has established a supply chain management system in which the research & development, procurement and manufacturing of products is conducted in an integrated manner.

Find out more about Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. and all it’s production facilities on the Fuji Oil Holdings website.