Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

Sheabutter is obtained from the fruit of the Karite tree ( Butyrospermum parkii ) and is used in a wide range of cosmetic products for several reasons :

  • As a moisturizers in various skin care preparation
  • As an emollient it brings softness, smoothness and flexibility to the skin
  • Because of its very high content of unsaponfiable matter, shea is an excellent UV-barrier and thus most suitable for sunprotection
  • Shea butter forms stable water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions  (lotion/creams) more easily than most other oils and fats
  • The melting point of sheabutter is close to the body temperature, which makes it a suitable fat for cosmetic  products which need some consistency at lower  temperature  but a soft texture at body-temperature

  • Sheabutter mainly consists of symmetrical triglycerides, just like cocoa butter and is completely compatible with cocoa butter. Sheabutter and cocoa butter also have similar cristallisation and melting characteristics.

Fuji Oil Europe offers the various shea-based products under the ZENITEX name. Should you have any further questions about our products/possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.