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Milk Fat Replacers

Milk fat replacers

A wide and strongly growing variety of dairy products can be found on the market. In these products there is a tendency to substitute milk fat for vegetable fat.

Next to price and availability, nutritional aspects, constant quality and functional properties are reasons to replace milk fat.

From a nutritional point of view, saturated fatty acid content can be lowered when replacing milk fat by vegetable fat.

Especially REDUSAT performs very well in whipping cream where often hard vegetable fats with a high level of saturated fatty acids are used. By using REDUSAT the SAFA-level can be halved. Different types of milk fat replacers were designed for different applications:

  • Butter blends : ERTIMIX BS
  • Cheese : ERTILAC CH
  • Ice cream : ERTIMIX
  • Margarine : ERTIMIX M
  • Whipping cream ERTILAC CR, REDUSAT
All our fats can be offered with Kosher certificates.
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