Fuji Oil Co, LTD. with headquarters in Osaka (Japan) was founded in 1950. The group runs 21 production plants in Japan and  overseas  in 9 different countries. Serving the world as a global supplier of intermediate food ingredients, the Fuji Oil Group’s unique research and development has led to numerous innovative, high value-added specialty products. Placing the highest priority on safety, quality and environmental integrity Fuji Oil aims at new growth through the development of markets around the world. Some 4367 employees worldwide ensure the global activities resulting in a consolidated turnover of 1,99 Billion euro.

Since 1st of October 2015 the Fuji Oil Group has shifted to a holding company structure: Fuji Oil Holdings & Fuji Oil  

For further information please visit:  http://www.fujioilholdings.com/en/outline/index.html and http://www.fujioilholdings.com/en/group/japan.html

The group develops and provides the world with specific oils and fats:

  • chocolate fats 
  • confectionery fats 
  • nutritional fats
  • dairy fat replacers


with confectionery & baking ingredients :

  • cocoa fillings and compounds 
  • chocolate 
  • whipping cream 
  • margarines
  • frozen dough


and is market leader for soy protein products and processed soy protein food, soy milk products and related consumer goods.

Fuji Oil Co. runs operations for the production of industrial chocolate and compound industrial chocolate in Japan, Indonesia, China, Brazil and Belgium.

The oils and fats processing business has a worldwide presence.