To be the preferred supplier of value adding vegetable fats for the European food industry.

Innovative & value-added oils & fats solutions

Fuji Oil Europe’s team of sales and application engineers is being challenged to investigate and meet the unique or special requirements of the industry. Fuji Oil Europe continually strives to develop innovative solutions in cooperation with its customers. For fundamental research projects, Fuji Oil Europe can count on technological knowledge of the Fuji Oil Group R&D centres in Tsukuba and Hannan (Japan).

Sustainability & environmental integrity

Fuji Oil Europe strives to make the production site  more eco-friendly, by applying the most recent & energy-efficient technologies.

Since 2004 Fuji Oil is an active member of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil. (

Our raw materials are practically fully sourced from RSPO certified suppliers.

At the moment Fuji Oil Europe offers refined segregated Palm Oil and Fractionated Palm Oil products under mass balance & segregation.

For further information you can consult our Sustainability Statement via Documentation.

Health & Functionality

Fuji Oil Europe focuses on the elimination of trans fatty acids as well as on the reduction of saturated fatty acids. In cooperation with the customer Fuji Oil Europe creates fats with the optimal fatty acid profile, low in saturated fatty acids and if desired rich in Omega- 6 and Omega- 3.

Focus on Quality & Food Safety

Fuji Oil Europe is a reliable partner for the worlds biggest and most innovative food companies. Our Quality Assurance Systems guarantee that our products meet the customers’ narrow specifications, give an optimal performance on the production line and result in the desired end product.

At Fuji Oil Europe, food safety is fundamental to our business.

We are committed to provide safe food products.

Part of a World-Wide Network

Next to the Belgian plant, the Fuji Oil Group operates production plants for specialty fats in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia,  China and the United States. This worldwide presence gives us the access to high-quality raw materials and valuable information that allows Fuji Oil to support customers around the world.