Backed by the Fuji Oil Group, and integrated in the production site of Fuji Oil Europe in Gent’s seaport , Flanders Fillings & Compounds was started up in 2006.

Flanders Fillings & Compounds is offering cocoa coatings or compound chocolate, as well as cocoa fillings based on vegetable fats. The combinations are almost unlimited: with or without milk solids, with or without nuts, temper quality or not. The right recipe depends on the application, the production line and its abilities, and the budget of the client. Flanders Fillings & Compounds relies upon the in-house fat technology of Fuji Oil Europe. Only the most functional and the most performing fats are selected according to the application of the customer. This is unique in the business.

Taste, consistent quality and stability are of utmost importance. Flanders Fillings & Compounds keeps an eye on the latest trends in the food processing industry.

The Flanders Fillings & Compounds cocoa coatings and fillings have an outlet in the praline, truffle and toffee industry. They can be found in the bakery, wafer and biscuit industry as well. For the ice cream industry Flanders Fillings & Compounds is supplying recipes with specific viscosity and functionality properties.

Flanders Fillings & Compounds a much appreciated alternative in the cocoa coatings & fillings market made in Belgium. Customers can count on Flanders Fillings & Compounds for Kosher Dairy (Kosher OU) and Halal.