To be the preferred supplier of value adding cocoa fillings & compounds for the food industry.

A unique combination of cocoa expertise & in-house fat technology by Fuji Oil Europe

Flanders Fillings & Compounds is unconditionally selecting the most appropriated fats from the extensive range of fat references by Fuji Oil Europe. A direct connection from the refinery into the chocolate plant, brings in these vegetable fats or fat blends. In this way Flanders Fillings & Compounds is able to offer the one and only optimal solution for its customer, while it is controlling the cost of doing so.

Hazelnut fillings , delicious but stable and durable as well

Confectionery products that contain classic hazelnut fillings are often facing a limited shelf life as they are very sensitive for oil migration and blooming. Flanders Fillings & Compounds can rely on the extensive anti-bloom fat technology by Fuji Oil Europe. This technology will lead to a delicious and stable hazelnut product, whatever the nuts content , the melting point or texture wished for in the filling is.

Modern chocolate technology , state-of-the art compounding

The Flanders Fillings & Compounds application lab is equipped with a complete pilot installation. This enables Flanders Fillings & Compounds to set up the recipes in a smooth and efficient way and to fine-tune whenever necessary. Moreover, Flanders Fillings & Compounds has a 1 metric ton pilot conch for industrial trial volumes available. The industrial orders are handled by high standard roll refiners and conching equipment

Together with you Flanders Fillings & Compounds develops the right solution

Flanders Fillings & Compounds team of application engineers is being challenged to develop the right product for you , in mutual trust, in utmost discretion, right what you want, tailor-made.

Focus on Quality & Food Safety

Flanders Fillings & Compounds Quality Assurance Systems guarantee that the products meet the customers'narrow specifications, give an optimal performance on the production line and result in the desired end product.
At Flanders Fillings & Compounds, food safety is fundamental to our business.
We are committed to provide safe food products.